We’ve Re-invented the Wheel! (Well kind of..)

High Temperature Wheels

We were contacted by a world leading multinational food manufacturer who had real problems with their wheel squeaking and breaking up after being subjected to high temperatures. This was causing a significant health and safety issue for them.

Working closely with this food manufacturer, we basically reinvented their wheels.

We developed our new High Temperature Epoxy resin wheel which is a compressed moulded wheel, suitable for temperatures of 20°C to +250°C

This wheel wears evenly and does not break apart which was the problem our food manufacturer was experiencing.
In addition our epoxy resin wheel is fitted with a sealed, precision engineered bearing that has been coated with an effective anti-rust treatment thus further increasing the wheels longevity.

Our Epoxy Resin wheel has now gone on to be not only our most popular high temperature wheel but our most manufactured item.

  1. Sealed precision bearing with anti-rust coating
  2. High-temperature grease
  3. High-temperature compression moulded wheel

You can get more details on our High Temperature Epoxy resin wheel here
or call our sales team on 01249 822 222. We’d be delighted to assist you.

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