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BIL Group – Castor and Wheel manufacturers

Baz-Roll products started life from very humble beginnings as a castor wheel distributor for Colson Castors Limited which incorporated popular brands such as Flexello, Revvo and British Castors.

Over the years The BIL Group has evolved into the UK’s largest castor and wheel manufacturer producing a high quality range of BIL branded products sold through the BIL Castors and Wheels division.

To complement our range of wheels and castors, the BIL Group joined forces with Muvtons Castors Pvt Ltd based in India, who manufacture a high quality range of Heavy Duty Fabricated Castors.

*Owing to our heritage as a reseller prior to our transition as a caster manufacturer, many of our standard pressed steel and fabricated ranges are direct alternatives or close matches to our original supply sources…with ex-stock capability…

As well as the standard off the shelf items, the BIL Group has a dedicated projects division for bespoke manufacturing. We can confidently make you just about anything that you want…

If you are struggling to find what you are looking for then BIL can make bespoke castors with load capacities upto 20,000kg

Looking for a bespoke solution BIL Projects – Tailor Made Castors and Wheels have the answer click here