BIL Projects – Tailor Made Castors and Wheels

Quality manufacturing
Innovative solutions
Servicing your needs

For Bespoke Options…


BIL Castors & Wheels in exclusive partnership with DM Wheel Systems (Holland) are able to offer bespoke products to fit almost any requirement.

For bespoke items that require quality engineered product solutions from design stage right through to production

Height restrictions? Non-standard plate sizes?
Extreme loads? BIL have the answer.

BIL are capable of manufacturing any castor to any
specification up to a maximum load of 20,000kg…
the possibilities are endless.

Full on-site technical support is available on request.

  • Client need
    • Functional requirements
    • Proposed solutions
    • Conceptual design
  • Design and development
    • Detailed design
    • Prototyping and field testing
    • Formal testing and approval
  • Manufacture and supply
    • Slamm to large scale production
    • SAP powered ERP systems
    • Rigorous ongoing quality control