Nylon Twin Wheel Range of Castors Launched

Grey Rubber Bolthole Swivel 75mm 70kg load

BIL Castors and Wheels is excited to announce the introduction of a brand new range of Nylon Twin Wheels enhancing an already extensive castors product options.

Kevin Wilson UK Sales & Projects Manager for BIL Castors & Wheels said “The Nylon Twin Wheel range will open up opportunities to partner with new customers and provide further product options and support to existing BIL business partners. Producing new ranges like this and having the confidence to back them alongside our proven existing quality systems is what BIL are all about and we are very excited about the exciting opportunities and new relationships we can form by offering this range.”

This new Nylon Twin Wheel range offers a choice of high impact, nylon body castors suitable for use in multiple sectors  including the pharmaceutical, education and healthcare industries just to name a few. With its durable properties, the range is designed for use on applications such as, catering equipment, educational furniture, audio visual equipment and more.

View the new range here!

The castors within this new range are rated at 70kg-90kg – dependant on the wheel diameters – which are available in 75mm and 100mm. Both sizes are fitted with twin wheel, 85 shore A thermoplastic rubber with precision bearings for maximum manoeuvrability when under load. These castors are also available as a swivel option and delivered complete with braking system if desired for added stability, support and control.

Stem Swivel Braked 100mm 90kg load

As standard, the range is offered with a bolt hole fitting for easy securing. Available on request   are extra plug fittings and plate fitting adapters for full versatility.

BIL have manufactured and supplied a large range of high quality, light and heavy duty castors and wheels to many industries for over 40 years with full confidence in our production capabilities across the board, whether this be supplying for single use requirements or ongoing use within industries such as aerospace, automotive or general fabrication.

A nylon body castor range has always been discussed at BIL with decisions to introduce this type of range only when all the stringent aspects surrounding, production, supply and quality were met.

Operating to ISO9001:2015 standards, the nylon body range has been fully researched, checked and signed off – fitting the exact criteria of what the group want to offer the customer base and industries involved.

In March 2022, BIL will be able to offer very fast turnaround times on the Nylon Twin Wheel range in both small and large quantities and we look forward to handling interest and orders  from both new and existing partners.

If our Nylon Twin Wheels range is of interest to you, please call us today on 01249 470 434 or email sales@bilgroup.co.uk  We would be delighted to hear from you.